Another State is Congress Mukt Now. Does it provoke them thinking beyond Rahul Gandhi or they will wait till complete vaccination.

Heavy cloud mustered over Bihar politics finally poured. Nitish Kumar terminated the twenty month old grand alliance with Congress and Lalu Yadav’s party RJD, gone back to his old team mate BJP. A political hiatus ended after four year’s exile.


BJP earned maximum of brownie point from the political turmoil, entered from back door to seizure another state, shown exit signage to Congress, ice in the cake for BJP President a day after he announced himself in national politics (filed nomination to enter Rajya Sabha from Gujarat). Another political debacle of Congress, credit to Vice President Rahul Gandhi, rendered another state already won.


Last time Rahul Gandhi came ceremonious was way back in 2009, for his achievement in Uttar Pradesh. It has been almost a decade since & he is struggling to have something significant in his kitty. But the graph that never looked like growing up has started stumbling further. Earlier it was all about strategical failure that ending with adverse electoral result. Now his lack of acumen has forced his party to acquiesce defeat even when numbers are in their favor. Failing to keep senior party members honest and faithful to party ideology is another concern.


Year 2017 began with election in five states; country’s populous and most significant in term of political control included. Looking for resurrection, Congress and more specifically its Vice President’s alacrity should have been most visible, worked days and night for a campaigning which was probably the biggest and last opportunity to stand up and be counted before 2019. Rather Gandhi junior keeps baffling, roaming outside India when he was needed most on deciding factors like pre electoral alignment and ticket distribution.


He looked fragile when other senior members of his party were negotiating with Akhilesh Yadav on seat shearing. Even while election was on, opacity over his strategy continued, not sure who (he or sister Priyanka) will lead campaign in UP. Even post alliance, Akhilesh Yadav was fighting a lone battle against BJP and his coalition with Congress was a mere illusion, all credit to Rahul Gandhi’s soporific attitude. Same continued post election, Akhilesh came alone to address public and accept defeat, Rahul was missing.


Not knowing how to face anti incumbency, suffered out right defeat in Uttrakhand. But the biggest of surprise was yet to come from the two small states, one at north-east and another in western coast. Failed to form government maugre he had the numbers both in Manipur and Goa, may not be a clear mandate still better than rival BJP. His slothful approach provided enough time for the rival to encase the vulnerable and constitute government. Punjab, where his party managed to regain Chief Minister’s office was credited to his local lieutenant, Capt. Amrinder Singh.


His incapability is not just encapsulated to electoral failure. In addition it compiles failure to keep his party and senior members in one plate. Acrimony shown to Sarbananda Sonowal is no secret. As a consequence Mr. Sonowal changed guard, with it changed political equation in Assam. BJP happily entered in North East.


Senior members like Barkha Sukla and Rita B Joshi slammed his policies openly and made their anguish public before joining hand with rival. Senior and seasoned congressman SM Krishna joined BJP at the age of eighty-five. He had enjoyed portfolio like Chief Minister, Governor and Union Cabinet Ministry in his tenure at Congress. What will he gain by joining BJP, that when his new party is imposing retirements once age of seventy five is reached. Mr. Krishna may not gain anything personally. But Congress will lose a lot in the only big state where it is in power and BJP will encash entire plateau with conviction. A political acumen like Amit Shah understood this, not Mr. Gandhi.


Rahul Gandhi has managed more bad than good. His latest statement post Bihar debacle that the JDU-BJP fiasco was orchestrated not less than three month earlier shows either he has absolutely no interest in politics, else he is a political lame, incapable to act.


Quantum of his incapability can be judged from his activity in Prime Minister’s home state, Gujarat, due for election later in the year. Despite of having serious anti incumbency, BJP is all prepared to retain power. Both Prime Minister and his party President striving hard with front liner, ensuring no stone remain unturned. In contrary congressmen are buzzing around, not knowing what to do. Instead of gaining advantage from State Government’s failure and benefiting from BJP’s internal conflicts, they are wounded by their bewildered leader. So much so that Ahmed Patel’s reelection to Rajya Sabha is under cloud even after having number in their side.


Rahul Gandhi was the man whom Nitish Kumar met in his last visit to national capital. The Bihar Chief Minister stated clearly that onus of saving grand alliance is on each of stake holder. Entire Bihar episode from CBI raid to Lalu’s response must have been discussed, and Mr. Gandhi had time with him to placate conflicts. Should have jumped to Patna, continued meeting both Nitish and Lalu till they reach a point of consensus. Rather did what he does best, being ignorant.


Riding over his part time politics, Congress has absolutely killed opposition. Totally against the health of democracy. There is no one to challenge Mr Modi and his governance. Demonetization, a financial fiasco that derailed Indian economy went unchallenged. Now guaranteed not to be challenged, Government may bring policies that suit them as and when they wish, may not be perfect for common public though.


Congress missed last bus before Parliament election in 2019 to stand and be counted. What cause the debacle? Are they so sort of master-class politicians? Reality is Rahul Gandhi is not fit for Indian politics and totally incapable to take forward the grand old party.


For congress situation is totally adverse and Rahul Gandhi is nothing more than a disastrous, proved time and again. In crunch period it is the responsibility of monarch with strong political acumen and eloquence to head on and march forward. It can be any one but Rahul Gandhi. Longer he stay, more his party will be damaged. A strong democracy does demand a strong opposition as well. Congress must understand that and move ahead of Gandhi junior, more so when his party was thrown out of office in another state. They should act and act fast before the country enters to one option doctorial politics.


Onus is on them to decide when they start. They may start now or wait till a complete vaccination.


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