We are not the people responsible for doing this. The plan was already worked out and set to be floored on 16th of May, the election result declaration day itself. The whole role play of increase in fare is UPA government’s responsibility and they are the people to be blamed rather than us. It was the statement of our Railway minister after announcing the hike in passenger and goods fare.

Electricity supply system in Delhi has experienced a huge functional failure this summer. Opposition party who ruled the National capital for a decade and half has come is on road for demand of uninterrupted power supply. They feel the current government yet to complete first month in office and a party in charge of office for forty-nine days has the complete responsibility. In the reverse, the ruler has a story of their own. When in power, the governments don’t even bothered to have a look on available resources of power transmission system and never pressed the distribution company to improve the quality of infrastructure and other transmission system. Outcome of this negligence is a result of huge disaster when storm strikes the capital city.

What stated above is two of recent high profiled blame games that most of the people irrespective of social and organizational stature loves to play. Taking blame or responsibility for strong or harsh decision is not everybody’s cup of tea. Self executed decisions are strongly condemned and all obstacles that result a forcible decision making atmosphere are published in media to let the people know. It is what called as blame game. One person blaming the other and so on to make it a continuous process even if strong decision is a properly formulated one and honest assessment will only be beneficiary for society.

In contrary all of us put both hand forward in at the time of soft and people friendly plan declaration, though this type of planning will be helpful for short goals only. How plans are formulated and the process by which it has been executed remains the prime agenda of each conversation. The whole world was sleeping and it was me who started the brainstorming to formulate the success plan: is the kind of impression all wants to make.

It is nice to be in the good book of general public and our society. At the same time one must understand a strong decision is also very much essential for national growth and today most of us are ready to accept it. Rather than playing blame game, one should make the people understand the real picture and help him understand how he can be benefited in a long term. It is the role and responsibility of decision making authority to stand strong and put the blue print in front of all beneficiaries and help them understand the long term advantages, the accurate execution plan and evaluation process.

Time has come when we say no to blame game. We must stand strong by the side of deciding authority who takes strong decision in the interest of national growth. It will help us and our society.


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