The wait is over and so does the threatening call of support withdrawal. With a lot of hick up & patch up work, the Government of Republic of India has successfully completed its scheduled term in 15th loksabha as the election commission has revealed election date for 16th loksabha. Every individual is rushing with all guns blazed to book a berth as participant in general election. Be it common public or political leaders or even the media (both print & electronics), there is only one common point agenda to discuss, advantages and goodwill of front they belongs to in comparison with rival front. All fronts are geared up to make journey of their rival an arduous one. Group building has become an incessant process for the birds of a feather. The top bracketed leaders are teaching the real meaning of “travelling the length & breadth” and “living out of a suitcase” just to ensure increase of support basket in multiple. Every individual is ready with his parameter of measurement and rating the others through his own evaluation process.

At this point when every politician is trying to acclimatise himself with voters, the prime objective is classification of role play for each of the group and whose task evaluation requires utmost priority in this context is of our politician. It is the pool of activist which either currently ruling or living with a desire to rule the nation.  These activists’ works in group empowered with a set of legislative principle and functions as per predefined guideline. In the election period, they travel all across the territory to meet the voters and seek for their vote either to be casted in their favour or the person ideologically bonded with them. The primary job of a politician is to exploit every opportunity of attraction building and bringing in a flood of people into his fold.

Once we have a fair idea about the work ethic related to political leader and in course of routing through their daily activity we came to know a terminology called voter. It is the mass of general public who with the utilization of his voting right elects the part to form government. Before making a garlanded welcome to the politician, he must observe, analyse and review all aspects and then only bring his voting right in force to ensure the victory of a leader. One important job of a voter should be to squeeze all dazzling commitments of politician and segregate the facts from contrivance.

In the process of election one more front that plays important role is the media. The prime objective of media is to helps general public in the analysis process of each individual politician about their good & bad aspect. The media also reviews all job done by government during their tenure and compares them with promises made prior to coming to power. The media also make sure that commitment made by political activists or parties are based on the pillar of reality and not a treachery one.

Now with role play of every group is being cleared, we are all set to evaluate task accomplishment in comparison with predefined commitment. Even a common man has to be aware of the fact that by the time a leader in power is marching to justify his candidature; the prime motive should be to let the people know his achievement during the tenure in power centre. He has to be all prepared with data base of task accomplished with respect to commitment made in any time for reply. The leaders putting their candidature against the existing one should have a flow chat complete in all respect with them to counter the plan and policy of existing leader about how better they can serve the country if opportunity falls on their way. All above statement needs a scrutiny in gentleman’s spirit with support of fact sheet and available date to make the things trust worthiness. Once the growth plan properly tabled and reviewed, then the general voters should analysis the brand of his liking to ensure voting in his favour.

Here comes the big question, does everybody playing their role with honesty. Are we aware of the default in our part of task or even does we know what & how to accomplish the duty. I am quite sure for a big reply of yeah if we reach to public with above query. Go deep inside and all will acknowledge their inefficiency and lack of awareness on the prospective data base require interrogating and electing eligible candidate.

In general when we witness the election campaign of other nation like US or Europe, the talks has been all about development plan, recession control and execution map to counter unemployment. The same has always played a role of invisibility on the speech of our politician, who rather prefers to count the non performing attributes of their counterpart & educates the public why vote should not be given to those candidates by exercising political turmoil. The talks regarding the women empowerment and identification of more job opportunity has been inserted in election speech with no one having a blue print of how to execute.

The reality discovered at this point of discussion is we the voters have never looked for a penetration insight the agenda as well. None of political leaders are made answerable towards their service extended to common pupil. We people are being fooled by leaders who design measuring parameter suitable to their need and hence they are declared victorious by themselves only, which we accept gracefully. We the peoples also have our brand of political party in relation to our caste & religion with no one having time to have a little glance over it.

With the election is in full swing and all party has declared their representative across the nation , all wanted from the educated and socially responsible Indian citizen is to ensure accurate reply of a few query  in the quest of the deserving candidate and the process has to be an incessant one.

  1.        Does the candidate is aware of social issue of the constituency.
  2.        Is he educationally qualified enough to put our issue in centre stage.
  3.        Does he have any plan for social growth of his constituency and whether it is feasible in real life application.

One must confess the bottom line truth which says reply to question mentioned above are as simple as nursery rhyme and anyone with an intensity to work for growth of nation should have the reply to those. We should not forget that one will be able to put finger on other only when he has accomplished his task with sincerity and honesty. Our attributes should not be deviated as a result of chaos created by politician for their self benefit. We all know a sincere and ethical Indian can build a strong and powerful India.